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Email retargeting

Leadmedia launched LiveTarget®.

We work directly with advertisers, such as e-commerce providers and web portals, but also with marketing agencies that manage several accounts.
Whether you want to increase your sales, ROI, registrations, downloads or simply web traffic, Leadmedia has the right solution for you.
And if you’re a publisher and you want to monetize your database click here.

Our retargeting platform helps you to maximize the marketing efforts that you have already made to drive users to your website, increasing your conversions.
Everyday more than 90% of visitors leave your website without converting. We identify up to 20% of your unknown visitors and reach them with your message to reconnect you with them. With one single integration we offer you multiple retargeting solutions to convert lost web visitors into new customers.

LiveTarget® technology is cookie-based and we don´t charge any setup fee or monthly fee. This retargeting solution is complementary to classic email prospecting campaigns and other channels you can use. It improves the targeting of the email prospecting campaigns with a chase of hot prospects who didn’t convert on your website.


How does it Work ?

  1. Optin users from our database or partners are identified via a cookie, depending on how have configured their explorer’s options.
  2. A web user goes onto your ecommerce website. You don’t know this visitor, but he is recognised by LiveTarget.
  3. LiveTarget sends a retargeting email to that web user for you, offering one or several products the web user has looked at when visiting your website.

The set up is simple and fast.

Leadmedia defines with you the most efficient Retargeting strategy: push the same product that the web user has been looking at, push a specific service from the advertiser’s website, or develop a cross selling  strategy or collaborative filtering inside the email. You can also push coupons …

Some questions you will have :

  1. Is it possible to personalize the retargeting email?

Yes, it is possible to personalize the retargeting email sent to the web user with data already present in our database (name, first name, title, for example), but also with the browsing data: visited pages, last seen product, date of visit, etc.

  1. What are the most effective messages in retargeting?

– A retargeting email showing the last product or products looked at with if possible a discount or special offer. Or a shopping cart recovery for example

– A reassuring message encouraging to re visit your website.

– A promotional offer without pushing a specific produt.

– Leadmedia gives advice to its clients to define the most adapted retargeting message to your retargeting advertising strategy.

  1. Is setting up a retargeting email simple?

Yes: a simple retargeting tag is placed on your website and doesn’t require any modification of your website structure. Leadmedia offers a turnkey email retargeting solution, from the graphic design to the sending of the emails.

  1. LiveTarget is only for ecommerce?

No. We also work with brands to push brand content and help them to develop brand awareness.

  1. Email are reponsive design

Yes. The majority of the  people are checking emails on their mobile. Responsive design is something we implemented at the beginning.

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